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azazel999 asked:

Imagine Bucky setting ringtones for each of the Avengers


turns out the winter soldier’s pop culture knowledge is just as good as his ability to take a man out with an expresso cup—it’s dangerous and unpredictable.

this is something they discover in sometimes precarious, but mostly just embarrassing, situations. tony’s meetings are interrupted with a recording of him singing back in black in the shower, natasha’s calm cool shattered when celine dion’s my heart will go on goes off during her combat training sessions with the newbies, thor just has no idea what is going on ever, clint just goes with it, and bruce kinda breaks off the fridge door, again. 

but for steve, bucky chooses something that changes a lot more than just a ringtone.

steve is sitting in his quarters sketching some basic figures, he’s gotten pretty rusty after 70 years of sleep, when elvis’ “can’t help falling in love” starts playing. when he gets up to answer his phone, he turns to find bucky standing in the doorway, his own cellphone lit up in his shaking hand. his eyes were wide, full of hope and fear, and that moment, steve just knows.

"how long—?"

"since forever and a schoolyard ago"

steve just grins. bucky had always been the dangerous and unpredictable type.

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